BOSS Spreaders

BOSS Spreaders

Solid Ice has Met its Match.

Meet the harshest winter with the toughest spreaders. Choose a BOSS spreader for complete ice control in any winter conditions. Whether you're just looking to tackle ice on your driveway or seeking a heavy-duty spreader to de-ice roads, BOSS has your back.

Browse our entire selection of BOSS spreaders below and in-store today. We carry a variety of models to fit your truck, UTV, and more.

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Which Spreader is Right for Me?

Tailgate Spreaders

Tailgate spreader cater to professionals or those managing large properties. Tailgate models are designed for big jobs and attach to a hitch on the back of your truck. With this type of spreader, you can spread large amounts of salt as you drive, often equipped with durable augers to chop and spread salt more efficiently. These are ideal for managing parking lots, a large number of driveways, and roads.

Walk-behind Spreaders

Choose a walk-behind spreader, the most common, for managing sidewalks, driveways, and smaller parking lots, at home and commercially. Walk-behind models feature two large tires and a spreader plate that turns with the axle via a set of gears. Salt then pours out over the spinning spreader plate as you walk, spreading salt over the ice below.

ATV or UTV Spreaders

If you have an ATV or UTV at home, use an ATV or UTV spreader to streamline your de-icing job! These spreaders attach to the back of your all-terrain vehicle for convenient, easy salting in both residential and commercial applications.

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