dave clarkGENERAL MANAGER: Dave Clark is our GM. His career started as a machinist and eventually led to sales and business management. He came on board as the GM when we purchased the business in 2014. Most of the time he is in the background running the business, but, he backs up the sales, parts and service department when necessary. His hobbies include working around the house with his wife, dirt biking and boating. Feel free to contact him with any questions. dave@nepeinc.com
PAT REEDSALES: Pat Reed started out as our pick up/delivery manager and has since moved into sales. Pat has an extensive background in landscaping which is very helpful when trying to suggest the right tool for the customer. He has training on all makes and models that we sell, so, he can help you with any questions that you may have. Pats' hobbies include mountain biking and he is excellent at avoiding getting his picture taken(hence the photo). Don't worry, we will get a picture of him eventually!! Contact Pat at preed@nepeinc.com with any sales related questions.
SCOTTPARTS MANAGER: Scott Hart has worked at New England Power for over 6 years. He started out as a sales associate and worked his way into the parts department. Scott is also very active in the sales department when he is not busy with parts. His hobbies include running and biking to stay in shape for the numerous events that he competes in such as the Boston Marathon. Contact Scott at shart@nepeinc.com with any parts related questions.
JON HOFFMAN 1SERVICE WRITER: Jon Hoffman has been with us since 2017. He started out as a delivery driver/mechanic. Now he is ready to help you out when you come in or call with a service related issue. Jon has a lot of mechanical experience and graduated from MMI as a certified motorcycle mechanic. For service related questions contact John at jhoffman@nepeinc.com
CARL ON THE JOB SERVICE TECH: Carlton Bailey has been working with us in our service department since we took over in 2014. He came to us in an internship program after graduating from Gateway Community College in their Small Engine Mechanics program. Carl has 35 years of welding experience which comes in handy at this job. He has spent his life tinkering with small engines as a hobby. As a mechanic he takes pride in his work and makes sure your machine is cleaner than it was when you got here along with being tuned to perfection. His hobbies include photography and anything to do with computers. Carl is a Stihl Gold certified technician!

JIMSERVICE TECH: Jim Wallace has been with us in our service department for over a year. Jim graduated from UTI in Norwood Mass thru their Diesel Industrial Program. He has previous experience as a traveling boat mechanic. He also started out driving our delivery truck and is great with the customers. We felt his mechanical skills were being wasted in the truck, so, we moved him into the shop where he is excelling!. For fun Jim likes to shoot his guns for target practice. Jim is a Stihl Gold certified Technician!

Staff information is coming soon.

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